Laurence Schulthess Dental Practice in Gland

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Our dental practice

The Laurence Schulthess Dental Practice was set up by Laurence Schulthess and opened its doors in 2008.

There are a number of colleagues working in partnership within the Laurence Schulthess Dental Practice in Gland:

Dental surgeons

Laurence Schulthess-Dinichert, SSO, SVMD, médecin-dentiste

Quentin de Crevoisier de Vomécourt, orthodontiste

Grégory Chassel, orthodontiste

Michel Deville, SSO, chirurgien-dentiste

Frédérique Davanne, SSO, SVMD, médecin-dentiste

Leandra Schaub, SSO, médecin-dentiste

Margarita Baulina, médecin-dentiste

Dental hygienists

Véronique Dubé-Musio

Alexandra Reynaud

Valérie Turcotte